Frequently Asked Questions

What is chainmaille?

Chainmaille (a.k.a. chainmail) is a historical art which was used to create protective armor by linking metal rings together in a mesh pattern.

Modern chainmaille artisans like myself weave rings together one by one in to many shapes and patterns. We carefully open and close the rings using only pliers. There are many possibilities from fashion to decorative home goods and trinkets! We also often incorporate additional materials and elements, such as scales, stretchable rubber rings, or beads and charms to create unique and stylish pieces.

How will my item be shipped?

Packaging: Most chains and ornamental items will be placed in a mesh fabric gift bag. Earrings will be hung on a backing card and placed in small plastic zip baggies to help prevent the Sterling Silver hooks from tarnishing. Items will be mailed in small poly bubble envelope for shipping, with some light material to stiffen the package. Larger items may require a larger envelope or box.

Shipping Methods: I offer USPS First Class, Priority Mail, and Priority Mail Express shipping for both domestic and international orders. Pricing varies based on method and location selected. Most U.S. addresses should receive their package within a few days, while international addresses may require a couple weeks. Express shipping methods estimate 1-2 days for domestic, and 3-5 days international.

How long will my item take to arrive?

I anticipate that most orders can be delivered within 2-3 weeks. However, the amount of time between ordering and delivery can vary greatly based on several factors:

  1. Design Discussion: After your initial request, there may be some back and forth discussion on the design. Quick responses and clear, detailed requests will make this process faster.
  2. Project Requirements: Most custom jewelry projects can be created within a few days. Projects including designs I’ve never used before may take longer to account for learning the new weave, and larger projects or orders will also extend the timeline. I will give my best estimate based on my work load in discussions prior to payment. Please keep in mind that I work a full time job M-F which contributes to my estimated timeline.
  3. Payment: The full item will not be created until full payment is received. Orders are created on a first-paid basis, so a delay in payment may also push your order further back in the queue.
  4. Materials: If special materials are requested, or I do not have enough of my base materials to complete a project, I will need to order some. I will do my best to communicate this to you as your design is being finalized, before payment. This could add up to a couple weeks, as I will need to wait for delivery from the supplier, some of which are located in Canada.
  5. Shipping: Delivery times will depend on the shipping method you choose, your location, and any general carrier delays.
I don’t see what I want. Can I make a special order?

If you have a reasonable request, I will try my best to take it on! I am often learning new weaves and products, and am always excited to try something new. However, if there is a style specific to a certain artist which I do not have the rights/permission for, I will not be able to take on your request.

Pricing will vary. I will research you request and provide a price based on my time and materials estimate for your project.

What type of materials do you work with?

Basic Materials

For most projects, my jump rings are Anodized or Bright Aluminum. It is a lightweight and clean material with good hypoallergenic properties, as well as providing many great colors!

My earrings use .925 Sterling Silver for pierced ears by default. I also carry a small supply of clip-on hooks, which are nickel-free plated brass (gold or silver colors).

For basic clasps, I always look for Nickel Free options. The actual materials may vary, including aluminum, stainless steel, plated brass, etc.

Stretchable items make use of latex-free EPDM rubber. It is lightweight, UV resistant, and comes in various colors!

Special Materials

Through my suppliers (and sometimes the power of Google), I have access to various other metals for jump rings and earring hooks or clasps. If there is something you are interested in, let’s discuss!

  • Bright Aluminum
  • Stainless Steel
  • Titanium
  • Niobium
  • Argentium Silver
  • Sterling Silver
  • Silver Fill
  • 14K Yellow/White/Rose Gold Fill
  • 10K Solid Gold
  • Copper
  • Bronze
  • Brass

Of course, the price varies, especially for precious and high quality metals.Available sizes also vary, and some projects may not be possible with certain materials. Due to material properties, the same jump ring size in different materials may actually fit differently and make a weave impossible.

Why are smaller chains more expensive?

Chains which use smaller rings require more rings per inch. For example, my Super Chunky Full Persian lanyards use around 386 rings. The regular, smaller version uses around 635 rings.

While the cost of materials can be very similar between a micro and chunky chain, the amount of time spent opening and closing each ring remains about the same, and can sometimes be a bit more when working with the harder-to-hold smaller rings. So, since creating the same length of a thinner chain can use up much more time, they are more expensive!

What is the process for creating a custom order?

Custom orders generally include the following steps:

  1. Client submits a custom order request through the website, or by contacting me on Etsy with details of their project.
  2. I will confirm receipt of the Client’s request, and we will discuss via email or on Etsy if I have any questions about the project.
  3. I will create a small sample(s) of the design and request for approval from the Client.
  4. Once the design is accepted by both parties, a reserved order will be created on Etsy.

Custom orders can be started a few different ways, depending what you are looking for!

Custom Chain Order Forms

If you see a weave you like here on the website, you can navigate to its page and complete the order form at the bottom to submit a request. On each weave, I will have listed what types of chains I am currently offering in that style (Bracelet, Necklace, Lanyard, etc).

Contact Me

You can also contact me on Etsy or on my general contact form to discuss. I also have some basic customizable items available in my Etsy shop.